A Bridge Run Message from Bobby Crim, Founder of the Crim Fitness Foundation

Runner Photos_taken by Margie Reh

Hello! I’m Bobby Crim of the Crim Fitness Foundation. Congratulations to all of the Bridge runners, fitness ambassadors and wheelers who will be a part of the 10th annual Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Run! I’ve participated in the Mackinac Bridge Labor Day Run for many years and I’m sure this will serve as a memorable experience for you as it has for me.

At 81 years old, I’m healthy, happy and active. I’m physically active every day and it’s made a huge impact on my physical, mental and emotional health. I believe that being committed to a healthy and active lifestyle is the key to living a happy life—and I think everyone should get a chance to experience this. Whether it’s participating in a race or regularly visiting the gym, I hope that individuals who want to become healthier, physically fit and live better can overcome their barriers and accomplish this. With busy work schedules, family obligations and other adult duties that we’ve all become accustomed to, it won’t be easy, but you can do it.

At the Crim Fitness Foundation we aim to help you achieve this. We are committed to helping improve the health of our communities. With the goal of changing health, changing lives and changing communities we want to give individuals a chance to be active through a variety of programs. We offer a variety of fitness programs for adults and youth to get active and fit. Every little that you do, whether it’s running one mile, walking one mile or completing a 5K, contributes a great deal to your overall health. The benefits of living a healthy and physically active life are so great, that words can’t describe them. But you can live the benefits, every day, if you commit yourself to being more active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I hope that these words resonate with you all. If you’re just starting on your path to physical fitness and health, keep going and don’t give up. The rewards are abundant and frequent. And living a healthy and joyful life is the greatest reward of all time and you can achieve it. For those of you who have overcome the barriers and made the commitment to healthy lifestyle, I challenge you to not only continue your journey and reap the wondrous benefits, but to change someone else’s life. Inspire someone, train someone, take someone out for a run—you can be the encouragement someone needs to get the life they’ve always wanted.

I’m enthused to be surrounded by a group of people like you all who are also dedicated to physical fitness and believe in the importance of a healthy life. The Bridge Run is a wonderful event and it is truly a day that I look forward to every year. I wish you the best of luck in training for this event and in all of your fitness endeavors. See you all bright and early at the bridge!

Bobby Crim

One response to “A Bridge Run Message from Bobby Crim, Founder of the Crim Fitness Foundation

  1. Christina Thiel

    Mr Crim, you are quite an inspiration!

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